the keto krew

Mike Gronholz

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Mike is a lifelong athlete and US Marine.  With numerous injuries from sports and military service, something was always slowing him down.  So he gave up trying to be fit and active .... in his early 30's.

Then he learned how to eat properly.  Over the years (nearly a decade now), he has lost over 155#, over 10" from his waist and 24" from around his belly button.

Mike knows what its like to receive the T2D diagnosis, the HBP 
diagnosis, the high cholesterol diagnosis.  He knows what its like to not be able to tie his shoes without gasping for air and praying he doesn't pass out.  He's not some "oh dat skinny bitch" that doesn't get it.

He gets it.  100%

Bryan Burkhalter

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A US Navy veteran, rugby and ice hockey player, Bryan has been physically active and an athlete much of his life. Repetitive knee injuries, dislocations and surgeries took its toll. By the age of 39 he had quit playing hockey and hung up the rugby boots. The 14k calorie weekly exercise burn rate stopped abruptly. But, the eating and beer drinking continued. The result was rapid weight gain. The fit 215 lb Bryan grew to a softer 252 lbs within a couple of years.


At age 45 he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. An 11.7 A1C indicated severe insulin resistance. This when he took his life back and drastically changed his eating habits. He lost 8” around the midsection and over 45 lbs in less than a year. Bryan has been down the road of self-doubt. He lived for years with insomnia, indigestion, vision issues, inflammation, heart beat irregularities, body temp regulation issues, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and irritated bowel syndrome. He has come a long way in a fairly short amount of time.


He knows how to go from bad to good!

Jamie Villalobos

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Jamie is a mother of two, a culinary graduate, and a supervisor for an elementary school cafeteria.


She started keto in September 2017 and picked up all the bad habits of eating extra fat. About a year later she met Mike and he showed her a program that would change her life. In about 36 weeks, she lost over 123#. She knows the food addiction struggle, she knows what it's like to cooking multiple meals because the family is not Keto, and she knows how hard it is to hold a full-time job, be a mother, go to school and find time to be healthy.


We can have every excuse in the book or we can make the choice to be the best version of ourselves. She's been there, done that, and she gets it.

The Merced's

Cara and Kenny

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Kenny and Cara were married in March of 2003. By 2008 they had 4 children and were overwhelmed with the constraints of family life and work life. They spent the weekends binging on our favorite foods and watching movies. They were lazy and unhappy and fat. One of the favorite pastimes was buying a gallon of ice cream-using a knife to cut the gallon in half and they would each eat 1/2 gallon in one sitting. Embarrassing as it is to admit-that was their life.


Fast forward a few years later they both decided to join a gym and try and get healthy. They started to count calories and workout, but had some life issues come up and quit. They ended up moving to Southern California and started eating low carb in 2017. Kenny joined and both lost weight, but allowed the weight to slowly creep up. Almost 2 years later Cara saw a friend doing amazingly well with her eating and overall health. It was Mike's program.  They joined this eating lifestyle and it’s changed their lives completely.


They are 36, raising 4 children and have never been more healthy in their married life. They do things like running, crossfitting and taking the kids on hikes. Things they could never imagine doing in their former life.


They both know what it’s like to be winded from just walking, to dread family outings because of the “exercise” and to just feel lazy and depressed. There is a life outside of that! They are living proof.


Lazy G's Black Shiner


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Shiner is coming up on birthday number 13!!!  She's a trained bird and has hunted all over North America and Europe.  She lived with Mike in London and even has her own European Pet Passport.  She takes her tea with milk and no sugar.


Lazy G's Hangin' With Waylon and Willie and the Boys JH


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Lucky is Shiner's blood nephew.  He's just over a year old and there is not a brick wall in the world that will stop him.  He is also a trained bird dog and has plaques, certificates and ribbons on the wall for his achievements!  Even at his young age.

the keto kanines

Shiner and Lucky were both trained by Dan Kielty at Marks-a-Lot Kennels in Caddo Mills, TX.  Marks-a-Lot is home to two Master National Hall of Fame dogs ... Bugsy and Doc (Shiner's dad and grand dad). If you are looking for an incredible hunter, or a companion like no other, please visit Marks-a-Lot.  Shiner and Lucky mean the world to us and without Marks-a-Lot, neither of them would have been possible.

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