So who is this Mike guy ?

In 1998, Mike suffered his 4th knee dislocation.  It was pretty catastrophic.  It required major surgery and for a young guy eating large pizzas as a meal, being immobile for 4 months was not ideal.  He gained weight.  A lot of weight.  


About a year later, he decided he wanted to have a more significant impact in life, and joined the Marine Corps.  Well, the Marine Corps knows how to pull weight off someone.  Mike entered boot camp at the maximum weight for his height (205#) and left boot camp at 168#.  His momma walked right by him and didn't even recognize him.  Unfortunately, Mike suffered a series of injuries in bootcamp that left his endocrine system functioning incorrectly.  What this meant was immediately upon leaving bootcamp, Mike started gaining weight.  We've all know those people that talk about "a bad this" or "a bad that" is why they can't lose weight.  Yup.

For 4.5 years on active duty, the Marine Corps way, Mike struggled to stay under the maximum weight he was allowed to be at ... 186#.  After suffering a back injury (gravity is very convincing for those of you looking to jump out of airplanes), Mike departed his beloved Marine Corps.  This was the time Hardees and Carl's Jr. released their "Angus burgers" ... oh yeah, you remember!!!!  Mike ate tons and eventually made his way up to 335#.  The same way many of you have gained weight.  He told himself "its only one size, I'll start eating healthier tomorrow."  But tomorrow was filled with another large fries and a shake.

About 4 years on, the VA Primary Care doctor told Mike that due to his high blood pressure and high cholesterol, he needed to start taking the medication that had been prescribed a year earlier, or he'd probably suffer a heart attack or stroke in the next 90-180 days.  At age 32 ... well ... shit!

While talking with his VA Neurologist, just venting about what just transpired, the doctor mentioned a lifestyle modification might be in order.  #whatever  The doctor continued and explained the ketogenic diet.  This doctor is European (German actually) and spent nearly 2.5 hours going over what it means.  Mike literally told the doctor he'd do anything to avoid the pills.  So, they put a plan together and off Mike went.  That was May 2010.

Come the following summer, May 2011, Mike had lost 110# having never set foot in a gym.  He hired a personal trainer and started working out.  Over the next 12 months he lost an additional 25# but gained an immense amount of strength.  And, sigh ..... started Crossfitting.  Over the next year, another 25# gone, and more strength added.  And then a fun twist, Mike is offered the opportunity to move to London for work.

Living in London is eye opening food wise.  The food is much cleaner.  Mike rides his bike 26 miles everyday to/from work and Crossfits every day and he really leans up.  But ... the damn spare tire still won't disappear.  Meh ... he looks good so its ignored.This continues for another 2 years.  Then, after moving back to Dallas, Mike has an injury during a workout that puts him out for about 6 months.  He gains about 15#.

After getting back to the routine, everything is good.  He meets a new doctor and she has a different view on macros that what the neurologist had him on.  He says cool, and tries it.  Within 2 months, over 50# of body fat are dropped and Mike is leaner than he has been since high school in size 31" jeans.  Except ... he's friggin SWOLE!!!  He's adding muscle at a rate he's never been able to, recovering faster, more energy, etc.  The Konverted2Keto program is born!!!

These underlying macronutrient ratios, these underlying food learning techniques and the required eating schedule were born and created as a result of that experience.  Does it work, without question ... for guys and gals.  Big and small. The program is NOT keto.  It does prepare you for a lifestyle of keto if you desire to live it.  You will be in ketosis by the end of the program without the misery.

Many have "followed the checklist".  If you have questions, drop Mike an email or join the facebook group.

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