Eat to live, not live to eat. -Socrates

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Mike Gronholz

By learning what foods my body wants to eat, I'm able to fuel it the way it wants to be fueled.  Workouts are more intense, recovery happens faster and I have energy that lasts all day without a crash.

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Jamie Villalobos

Mike konverted me and has forever changed my life. I've lost 90 pounds on this program alone and since I started, I have never looked back!  I've gone from food addict to health addict.

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Cara Merced

 I lost 33 pounds my first kut. Lost on reset and lifestyle and most importantly learned how to eat and what my body responds well to. My second kut was a 30 pound loss and catapulted me into CrossFit and doing things I never thought possible. My life is nothing like it was 5 months ago and I never want to go back. Leaning on your WHY and listening to your coaches will guarantee success, no matter the obstacles you face. Forever grateful!

tristin head.jpg

Tristin Silman

You don't realize how much you really don't know about fueling your body. Thanks to Mike, I am learning how to "Eat to live, not live to eat" and it has changed my life.

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Kenny Merced

I’ve had people go straight to “Wow, you’ve lost so much weight, what are you taking?"  I said, “Umm, food?”


Mandi Spottsville

I finally get it!! I’ve learned SO SO much about my body and how it functions best. Thank you for being patient and keeping it real.